Tuesday 22 May 2018

The Discussion between the senior officers of Department of Posts and Representatives of Unions in the presence of Labour Commissioner today in the O/o the Labour Commission New Delhi has been come to the following.
       Leaders attended, Secretary General NFPE, Com R. N. Parasar, Com. Debabrata Mohanty G/S P-4, Com. Pandurangarao G/S AIPEU GDS (NFPE), Com. Murulidharan G/S NUGDS, Com. S. S. Mahadevaiah G/S AIGDSU, G/S BPEU and Secretary General BPEU. 

     Mobilize, Organize Maximum to the Comrades and make the Strike a Grand Success from tomorrow (23-05-2018) for the Cause of down trodden (GDS) of the department those who are started their battle from today with our charter of demands.

Debabrata Mohanty
General Secretary
AIPEUPostmen and MTS

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