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Rourkela gets Passport Seva Kendra

Rourkela gets Passport Seva Kendra

By Express News Service  |   Published: 26th February 2017 
ROURKELA: Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram on Saturday inaugurated a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) on the premises of Rourkela Head Post Office, solving the problem of long wait for passport.

Jual said he, along with Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Rourkela BJP legislator Dilip Ray, had held discussions with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on setting up of a PSK at Rourkela.  He said in due course, two more PSKs would be opened in Sambalpur and Koraput districts.

“Earlier, people of Odisha were depending on the passport office at Bhubaneswar. But with the launch of PSK at Rourkela and two more passport offices coming up at Sambalpur and Koraput, the residents of western Odisha would not have to travel long distance to avail the service,” Jual added.

He also hoped that the people of Rourkela would benefit immensely  as troubles faced by them in getting passport related services would be removed at the local level. He said businessmen, corporate executives, students, overseas job-seekers, tourists and pilgrims from Sundargarh district and its neighbourhood areas would benefit from the PSKs.

 Sources said the new facility would save time and travel cost of the people here. After submission of online application, the PSK would ensure that an applicant need not travel to Bhubneswar as it can provide photograph and biometric evidences here itself.

 Chief Post Master Santosh Kamila, Regional Passport Officer Digbijoy Giri, Sundargarh District Collector BS Poonia and RN Pali MLA Subrat Tarai were present at the inaugural event.

    Cabinet Decision on 7th CPC Allowances only after 11th March 2017

    Cabinet Decision on 7th CPC Allowances only after 11th March 2017

    "Retention of the rates of HRA and date of effect of allowances should be from 1st January 2016 and revision of rates of Transport allowances, OTA and NDA apart from retention of many of the allowances - COC Karnataka".

    The media is debating that the allowances committee headed by Shri Ashok Lavasa Finance Secretary has submitted its report to the Hon’ble Finance Minister Arun Jaitleyji on 22nd or not. Comrades as you aware that this committee period has expired on 22nd February 2017, the question is that even if it has submitted its report to the Hon’ble Finance Minister Arun Jaitleyji it is confidential document all media creation on the HRA rates are not be believed, the actual truth will be known only after the assembly elections results of five states which will be declared on March 11.

    The past experience is that even if the committee decides positively the union cabinet had turn down the recommendations of the committee, hence speculation is not correct, only after the union cabinet approves the recommendations of the committee, the new orders is issued.

    The main demands of the CG employees is retention of the rates of HRA and date of effect of allowances should be from 1st January 2016 and revision of rates of Transport allowances, OTA and NDA apart from retention of many of the allowances.

    Comrades instead of speculation it would be better we focus on the 16th March 2017 strike, which would put pressure on the Central Government to yield to our charter of demands.

    Comradely yours
    General Secretary

    Railways partners with India Post in parcel business

    Railways partners with India Post in parcel business

    NEW DELHI: The Railways will now provide space to postal department and private players to ferry their parcels in the guard's compartment of some selected trains.

    According to the partnership with Department of Post (DoP), which aims to increase the national transporter's revenue, the front portion of the guard's compartment will be allowed to be used to carry upto one tonne of parcel at a rate of Rs 12,954.

    "Parcel is the fastest moving freight business of Indian Railways. Through this new Business Parcel Policy not only India Post but any private player can also book space in trains for movement of their business parcel," Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said today while launching the parcel service in Mumbai-Howrah Mail.

    Railways, which earns about Rs 2000 crore a year from parcel buisness, aims to attract more parcel with the increased e-commerce activities.

    While DoP will collect the parcel, it will be the railways responsibility to ensure its faster transportation.

    Six trains, including Mumbai Mail have been identified for the parcel service, and later more trains will be added to it, Prabhu said.

    Before launching the scheme, the Railways had tried the service in Howrah-Dibrugarh Kamrup Express and Hyderabad- Nizamuddin Deccan Express.
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    Tax-free gratuity ceiling for pvt sector employees

    Tax-free gratuity ceiling for pvt sector employees to be doubled to Rs 20 lakh

    Private-sector employees will soon be able to withdraw up to Rs 20 lakh in tax-free gratuity after the Centre decided to amend a law and double the amount, bringing them at par with central government staff. 

    Currently, private sector employees can get tax exemption up to Rs 10 lakh in gratuity after five years of continuous employment. 

    A tripartite meeting between the labour ministry, trade unions and employee bodies decided on Thursday that a bill to amend the Payment of Gratuities Act will be brought in the second half of the Budget session of Parliament. 

    The Left-affiliated labour unions also demanded that employees get gratuity after one year of service, instead of the current cap of five years.

    The move comes after the seventh pay commission’s recommendation allowing central government employees to earn tax-exempted gratuity up to Rs 20 lakh. 

    At the meeting, labour minister also told the unions that the bill to amend the gratuity level may also have a mechanism to ensure automatic revision of gratuity ceiling as and when the pay commission suggests similar measures for central government employees. 

    “It is a good move to bring the private sector at par with central government employees. This move will also partly offset the impact of inflation,” said Rahul Garg, leader of direct taxes at PwC India.

    The trade unions also demanded that the new gratuity ceiling for tax benefits be applicable retrospectively from January 1, 2016. Sources however, told HT that the government was unlikely to enforce a retrospective amendment to the tax laws. 

    The provision of tax exemption on gratuity falls under section 10 of the Income Tax Act and was last amended in 2010. For a change in gratuity provisions, both the Payment of Gratuity act and the Income Tax Act would have to be amended. 

    Gratuity is calculated on the monthly basic salary added with dearness allowance. It is withdrawn upon termination of employment or retirement.

    The amount paid is usually the salary multiplied with the numbers of years of service and 15/26 (salary*years of service*15/26) – the gratuity is calculated on 15 out of 26 working days.

    For example, a person with 10 years experience would need a basic salary + dearness allowance of more than Rs 3.5 lakh a month to withdraw a gratuity of Rs 20 lakh at the end of her service.

    This is why experts believe the new move won’t hit the government’s tax collections given that a gratuity earning of Rs 20 lakh would be limited to high-salaried individuals. In India, 24 lakh people declare an income of above Rs 10 lakh and only 1.72 lakh people earn over Rs 50 lakh. 

    In 1997, the tax relief on gratuity was increased from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakhs. This was further increased to Rs 10 lakh in 2010.
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    एटीएम जारी करने का टारगेट बना डाक सहायको के गले की फ़ांस

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    हाल ही में यह देखने को मिला है कि बहुत से सर्किल में खातो को एटीएम से लिंक करने का टारगेट दिया जा रहा है | एसे में डाक सहायको को बड़ी जदोजहद करनी पड़ रही है कि आखिर कैसे इस टारगेट को पूरा करें ? बहुत से ग्राहक तो एटीएम लेना ही नहीं चाह रहे है क्योंकि वो या तो अनपढ़ है या उनको अंदेशा है कि उनकी कम जागरूकता उनकी बचत में सेंध लगा सकती है | अब बिना ग्राहक कि मर्जी के कैसे उनको एटीएम जारी करें ? लेकिन विभाग के बड़े अफसरों ने प्रत्येक डाकघर को 200-500 की संख्या में टारगेट दिया है | अब टारगेट पूरा करना भी जरुरी | क्योकिं विभाग हमेशा सिर्फ आंकड़ों पर ही विश्वास करता आ रहा है | सभी को अपनी APAR कि चिंता सताती है | अब इस टारगेट को पुरे करने के लिए कैसे नियम और सुरक्षा में सेंधमारी हो रही है आप निचे लिखी सत्य घटनाओं से पता लगा सकते है 

    एक डाकघर ने तो टारगेट पूरा करने के लिए ब्रांच ऑफिस के बचत खतों में ही एटीएम जारी कर दिया | नियमानुसार ब्रांच ऑफिस के खातो में एटीएम जारी नहीं हो सकता | हम यहाँ उस डाकघर का मजाक नहीं बना रहे | आखिर जैसे तैसे टारगेट पूरा करके अफसरों को खुश करना उसके लिए प्राथमिकता थी |
    एक डाकघर ने बिना एप्लीकेशन लिए ही अपने ऑफिस के एक्टिव बचत खातों में एटीएम जारी कर दिए | आखिर क्यों न करता प्रेशर जो इतना था बेचारे उस पर |
    एक डाकघर में बंद खाते में एटीएम जारी कर दिया | अब बताओं बंद खाते में एटीएम कैसे जारी हो सकता है | गलती से खाता संचय पोस्ट में बंद नहीं किया और Finacle में माइग्रेट हो गया | बाद में ऑफिस वालों को अपनी गलती का पता चला | इस स्थिति में ग्राहक तो आया नहीं पोस्ट ऑफिस, आप ने ही बिना एप्लीकेशन लिए उसका एटीएम जारी कर दिया |
    बहुत से डाकघर बिना KYC CIF में अपडेट किये एटीएम जारी कर रहे है न तो उनका मोबाइल न. न ही उनका वर्तमान पता सही है | अब उनका Personalized Card "return to sender" हो रहा है | सही है टारगेट का प्रेशर है लेकिन जेन्युइन ग्राहक के साथ तो लापरवाही मत बरतों |
    अब एक साथ 200 एटीएम कार्ड जारी हो गए | इसका कार्ड उसको और उसका कार्ड इसको दे दिया और अब रोजाना कंप्लेंट बढ़ रही है कि मेरे खाते से अपने आप पैसे निकल गए कैसे ? इससे विभाग कि छवि मट्टी पलित तो हो गई और तकनिकी पर भी सवाल उठ रहे हैं |
    इस लेख लिखने का उद्देश्य हमारा विभाग की छवि को धूमिल करना नहीं है न ही किसी कर्मचारी के कार्यों को चुनौती देना है | विभाग में टारगेट चलते रहते है लेकिन आपको अपना काम नियम और सुरक्षा को ध्यान में रखकर करना है | अब हम बताते है कि कैसे आप इस टारगेट को भी पा सकते है और आपने काम को सही ढंग से निष्पादित कर सकते है | जैसे :-

    एटीएम जारी करते समय ग्राहक से आवेदन पत्र के साथ KYC ले और उसे CIF में अपडेट करना न भूले |
    ब्रांच ऑफिस के अकाउंट में कभी भूलकर भी एटीएम जारी नहीं करें |
    यदि आपके पास एटीएम आवेदन ज्यादा है तो आप उन्हें EOD करने के बाद ही जारी करें | इससे उनमे एक्टिवेशन कि समस्यां नहीं आएगी | क्योंकि इनफ़ोसिस टीम सायं 6 बजे बैच फाइल प्रोसेस करती है जो एटीएम BOD डेट के 6 बजे तक जारी हो जाते है उनको ACTIVATE कर दिया जाता है | इसलिय सही ये ही है कि EOD होने के बाद करेंगे तो वो अगले दिन के बैच में प्रोसेस हो जायेंगे |
    एटीएम ग्राहक को देते समय रजिस्टर में हस्ताक्षर जरुर लेवें |
    विभाग के अफसर टारगेट जरुर देते है लेकिन आपको ये कभी नहीं कहेंगे कि आप नियम व सुरक्षा से समझोता करों | आप सभी को सलाह है कि नियम व सुरक्षा के साथ काम करें ताकि आप कि नौकरी पर कोई आंच नहीं आये |

    th Pay Commission: Announcement for higher allowances after Assembly election results

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    New Delhi, February 25: Almost eight months have been passed now and the Central government employees are waiting to receive higher allowances under the 7th Pay Commission recommendations in their paychecks. Some reports suggest that the government is likely to make an announcement on higher allowances after assembly elections results of five states which will be declared on March 11.

    In June 2016, the union government approved the recommendations made by the high-powered committee on 7th Pay Commission and promised to pay higher basic pay with arrears, effective from January 1, 2016. But the hike in allowances other than the Dearness Allowances (DA) is yet to materialise.

    The recommendations made by the 7th Pay Commission was wrapped up in June 2016, but more than 53 lakh central government employees are not given any assurances, as they are still waiting for payments owed them ie: higher allowances.

    Some reports suggest that the delays are because the ‘Committee on Allowances’ headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa had recommended to abolish 51 allowances and subsuming 37 other allowances out of 196 allowances.

    Earlier the Committee on Allowances were initially given a time of four months to submit its report to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. In October 2016, Ashok Lavasa was quoted by some media organisation saying he was ready with the report.

    However the committee was given an extension till February 22, 2017, to submit its report in the backdrop of demonetisation and the government said that the cash crunch was the reason behind the delay in announcing the higher allowances.

    Once the Assembly elections are over in five states, the government is likely to clear the nod to revise allowances. Some reports suggest that the revised allowances are expected to be effective from April 1, which marks the beginning of the new financial year.

    According to The Sen Times report, which quoted a source said that the report on Committee on Allowances states the current HRA slab is 30 per cent of the basic pay for metros. An announcement on the same is expected soon.

    On the other side, the 7th Pay Commission had recommended reducing the house rent allowance (HRA) to 24 per cent of basic pay as against the 30 per cent of basic pay employees were drawing under the 6th Pay Commission.

    Sunday 26 February 2017

    Strike Meeting Rourkela on 26/02/2017

    ASST.C.S P3
    C.S GDS ( NFPE)

    Saturday 25 February 2017

    bandhumilan cuttack north division at kendrapara

    Sundargarh Divisional working committee meeting felicitate Retd staff on 25/02/2017

                                  COM NIRANJAN PANDA               

    "My Friend - Postman" for proving pick-up on call facility

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    Unique initiative "My Friend - Postman" for proving pick-up on call facility at Indore and MadhyaPradesh


    Observe 6th March 2017

    v Against the betrayal of Central Government employees and pensioners by Group of Ministers of NDA Government.
    v  Demanding increase in minimum pay and fitment formula.

    Dear comrades

              We know that all of you are in the midst of hectic preparation and campaign for making the 16thMarch Strike action a great success.  As has been explained in the article, which we have placed on our website, the NDA Government, led by BJP has exhibited the worst anti-employee attitude in the post independent  era of our country.  This Government has treated its own employees as its worst enemy. The decision taken by the Union Cabinet on 29th June, 2016 rejecting even the recommendations made by the high level committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary was unprecedented. Even the setting up of various committees was nothing but an eye wash. Nothing will come out of that.  Even the NPS Committee on which the young comrades had pinned some hope of at least  getting a minimum guaranteed pension will produce nothing.  The discussions at the JCM fora has been converted into mostly monologues i.e. the official side simply listening and not reacting.  The Government, it appears, has made the Pension department to reject the one and only recommendation of the 7th CPC which was considered to be positive i.e. Option No.1 for pensioners on the specious ground that the same is not feasible to be implemented. The allowances committee has dilly dallied its deliberation and would now submit its report after the extended period of 6 months expires on 22.02.2017. Even if they make any positive recommendation, which is seldom expected, the NDA Government would not act upon it.  They have very successfully postponed the payment of the revised allowanced for 15 months. 

                    In the face of such terrible onslaught, betrayal and chicanery, which no Government in the past has every indulged in,  it is surprising that some of our friends who has a predominant role in the movement of the Central Government employees has unfortunately chosen to wait and watch.  It appears that they have chosen to wait endlessly hurting the cause of the workers. 

                    We have no hesitation to affirmatively state the obvious that we have chosen the right path, the path of struggles, which can only the choice of the working class against tyrannical attitude of the employer, howsoever, powerful they may be. We must realize that those who are  in the saddle of power today are not permanently posted there. We were witness to the abysmal downfall of persons who were arrogant personified.  It appears that the reasonableness, righteousness and patience we had exhibited have been taken as signs of cowardice. The undeniable fact is that those who fight, only can win. We, therefore, appeal to you to carry on with conviction and courage.

                    Eight months will be over on 6th March, 2017, when the Group of Ministers held out the assurance of revisiting the minimum wage and multiplication factor.  It is now crystal clear that that was an act of chicanery.  No committee was set up  and no discussions were held to seriously consider the issue.  We, therefore, appeal to all of you to ensure that the day, i.e. 6thMarch, 2017 is observed as a day of betrayal and all our members are requested to wear a Black badge with the following words inscribed on it in bold letters and conduct demonstrations in front of all Central Government offices.
    30th June & 6th JULY, 2016

    6TH March 2017 must be yet another occasion to mobilize our members to ensure their participation in the 16th March, 2017 strike action and ultimately win all the demands in the charter. 

                    We fight to win and we shall win.
                    With greetings,
    Yours fraternally,
    (M Krishnan S/G Confd.)


    No. Confdn/Sectt/2016 - 19                                               Dated 22.02.2017

    To (1) All National Secretariat Members & Special Invitees

    National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers will be held on 13th April 2017 at NFPE office , North Avenue , New Delhi - 110001 at 10.30 AM. You are requested to attend the meeting in time. The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.

    Agenda :
    1. 16th March 2017 strike - Review and future course of action.
    2. All India Trade Union Education Camp at Thiruvananthapuram on 6th & 7th May 2017.
    3. Finalization of Venue and dates of All India Women's Trade Union Workshop.
    4. Financial Review.
    5. Any other items.

                                                        Yours fraternally,

    Secretary General
    Disbursement of Salary for the month of February 2017 on 27.02.2017 on account of Nation-wide Bank strike on 28.02.2017

    Govt of India has acknowledged the strike notice and charter of demands submitted by Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers and issued directions to all concerned Ministries to take appropriate action. Letters received from Govt is given below.

    Secretary General Confederation 
    Mob & WhatsApp:  09447068125.

    Tuesday 21 February 2017

    Cash robbed from post office, two held

    NEW DELHI: Thieves seem to be getting more innovative about their targets. A six-member gang entered a post office near Anand Vihar, overpowered the security guard at gunpoint, broke into the postal storage room and fled with money orders and cheques. Though the exact amount looted is yet to be accounted for, the police suspect over Rs 10 lakh collected from post offices across east Delhi was taken.

    On Monday, two of the robbers were arrested after two policemen on patrol found them fighting amongst themselves over the share of the booty. The policemen have been recommended for a bravery award by commissioner Amulya Patnaik.

    The incident occurred around 11.30pm on Sunday when post office security guards, Raj Kumar and Munna, were taking a rest. Raj Kumar said the thieves probably scaled the unfenced section of the boundary wall and entered the premises. They held the guards at gunpoint and forced them to open the store room. "Two of them were constantly talking to someone over the phone and asking for the location of the cash," Munna said.

    Officials said that the post office remains open as the building also houses the head post office of the trans-Yamuna region. Post and cash from 32 post offices from across east Delhi are deposited there. The cash is usually stored in two lockers in a room at the back of the building. "The room usually remains shut unless the delivery vehicles arrive. The keys are kept with the guards," said a post office official.

    Raj Kumar said the men first emptied 17 postbags and took out some of the packets. They then tried to break open a large locker, but its handle ripped off. Later, they managed to break open a smaller locker and took the cash and cheques in it. The men then started arguing among themselves. They finally threatened the two guards to keep quiet and fled.

    The thieves boarded an autorickshaw and went towards Anand Vihar ISBT. "When they got off the auto and were getting on motorbikes, constables Narender and Kuldeep posted at Anand Vihar police post found them arguing among themselves," said DCP (Shahdara) Nupur Prasad.

    "Finding their actions suspicious, the cops confronted them. While the others fled, the constables managed to nab two of them, identified as Deepak and Wasim. A part of the robbed cash bearing GPO markings was recovered from them. They were carrying a country-made pistol and two live rounds," said Prasad.

    By the time, the post office authorities had called the police. Upon being questioned, Deepak and Wasim admitted to having broken into the post office with their associates after getting a tip-off about the cash.

    Police suspect a former or a serving employee of the post office to be involved in the heist. "The call details of the two men are being scanned to identify whom they were calling," said a police officer. A case of armed robbery has been registered against the gang.

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