Sunday 19 February 2017

(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
17/3D, Type III, P&T Quarters, Kali Bari Marg, New Delhi-110001

No P-IV/CHQ/Circular/2017                                                                   Dated 17th Feb 2017

All India CHQ Office Bearers  & All Circle Secretaries

              We are all aware that 16th March 2017 has been fixed for  one day Strike  as per call given by Confederation for every success.  Now it is our moral duty to convince every grass root member regarding importance of one day strike.  We are all aware about the past NJCA call given for 11th July 2016 for indefinite strike.  But  the intervention and assurance given by the Govt. based on good faith, the proposed strike was deferred.  It is already six month over, no development has been made to consider our demands . Whether the allowance committee will recommend changing HRA and other allowances,  No body can predict  Even to convey some thing on this issue, no meeting with Cabinet Secretary /Chairman allowances Committee  was held. Even regarding increase about minimum pay and changing fitment formula, no further high level committee was constituted as assured by the Group of Senior Ministers held with NJCA on 30th June 2016.   Now this is the right time to give fitting reply by making grand success on one day strike on 16th March 2017.
            We have already taken several  decisions in our last CWC held on 26-27 Dec 2016 at
Tandivanam (Tamil Nadu) for our sectional demands based on the resolutions. CHQ has already taken up the issues  with the department of posts. , but no reply has been received till now. The burning issues  like  filling up vacant posts of postmen and MTS staff by conducting examination by the department itself.  In this regard we know the drama being played by the department, which is nothing short of eye wash.  In many circles examinations were conducted, but result held up/not declared.  Reasons are not known.  It is pertinent to mention that postmen/MTS staff is already overburdened and the position is going from bad to worse day by day due to retirement and increase of work. Now one more threat on us by the department is going to take up the work of postmen/MTS by outsourcing agencies (as an hidden agenda to implement (TASK FORCE COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS and formations of hub centers/nodal deliveries centers is also taking place in several divisions/circles Postmen/MTS are disturbed from their parent offices and transferring them to hub centers causing serious concern for us. The delivery percentage is also decreasing and it is also not in the interest of general public or in the interest of staff. If the department is not coming forward to resolve our important issues.  It is necessary to take action by adopting agitations and trade union action by P-4 Union. Keep ready for further struggle.

            The Confederation Trade union Education Camp at Trivandrum from 06th to 07thMay 2017. The confederation has allotted quota of 100 delegate for NFPE. According to that NFPE has allotted 25 delegates for P-IV Union.  Therefore CHQ request to all India Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries to participate in the Camp.  CHQ will pay only delegate fee and TA/DA have to bear by the circle concerned. Book your tickets in advance to make your journey convenient.
            Comrade, it is once again requested to all Circle Secretaries to take initiative to make 16th March 2017 one day strike with grand success.  

Comradely yours,

(R Seethalakshmi)

General Secretary

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