Thursday 31 May 2018

10 th strike of GDS unions at BBSR Dn in CPMG office campus. Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers showed solidarity through their hunger fast program from 10 A M to 5P.m and the AIPRPA state committee as well. Com R N Dhal, M M Samal, B k Gupta, Kishore Sahoo, A S Pati, K.  C Dash, K c Natia, Raju Sarangi were on fast. Leaders of different organizations and the GDS striking employees participated in the demonstration. Amongst other leaders Com Bishnu Mohanty, state General Secretary of CITU, Com Dusmanta Das, Jt Convenor of ODKEM, Com Bamadeb Mishra from AIIEA, Com Kishore Biswal from NFPE, Com R C Behera, Rtd SPM, Com S k Nanda, Former President of R-4,Com G S Panda, D S, AIPEU - GDS, Com B N Patra,D  S, AIGDSU, Com Biplab from GDS union and other Comrades addressed in today's strike. One Com R R Panda from T T P S workers union attended and wished too. Com Dhal called upon the entirety of the GDS Unions in strike to keep unity and struggle for GDS rights and to continue till the decisions held in apex level to end the hue and cry of the 2.7lakh GDS workers and achieving the goals. Lal Salam to all GDS striking workers and convey the red Salute to the leadership of the GDS JCA. - R N Dhal, General Secretary             CCGE&W and AIPRPA,.                                             Odisha state committee.                             

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Rural post offices across the country shut, Modi govt turns a blind eye

Rural post offices across the country shut, Modi govt turns a blind eye
Postal employees in Mananthavady in Wayanad in Kerala sit on an indefinite strike demanding regularisation as government employees. Rural postal employees across the country have been protesting for eight days

Rural postal employees across the country have been protesting for eight days, but the Narendra Modi-led central government seems to have turned a blind eye to their concerns

In a show of unity across the country, more than 2,70,000 postal employees in rural areas have been protesting across the country since May 22, demanding regularisation as government employees and implementation of the Kamlesh Chandra Committee reforms submitted in November 2016, but the government seems unperturbed by the indefinite strike or their demands.
The protest by Gramin Dak Sevaks’ (GDS) on Tuesday reached its eighth day, but “nothing concrete” has been done by the Narendra Modi-government, alleged All India Postal Employees Union—Gramin Dak Sevak (AIPEU-GDS). The strike has led to the shut down of more than 1,29,000 post offices across the country and the postal employees have declared an indefinite strike until their demands are met.
Gramin Dak Sevaks are extra-departmental agents recruited by the postal department to serve in rural areas. They have been demanding pay and facilities at par with regular postal department employees for years.
The Union Government had constituted a one-man Kamlesh Chandra Committee in the Seventh Pay Commission to study the wage structure of the rural postal employees and review and suggest changes in existing wage structures, facilities and other social security benefits provided to them.
The committee, had in its report, recommended the minimum wage of the rural postal officers be made ₹10,000 and a maximum of ₹35,480, the abolition of the 50 years age limit, an annual hike of 3% and a children’s education allowance of Rs 6,000 per annum. They had introduced a risk and hardship allowance of ₹500 per month for those working in the special areas. The Committee had increased the ex-gratia gratuity to ₹5,00,000 from ₹60,000, while also suggesting that the scope of the Circle Welfare Fund (CWF) scheme should include immediate family members.
“The government has been offering nothing to us. So, we are going to continue with the indefinite protest,” says P Pandurangarao, the General Secretary of AIPEU-GDS.
The government has been stating that they require at least three months to implement the suggested reforms. “But when they have done nothing in the past 18 months, we have no confidence in them anymore and that’s why we have demanded it in writing,” says Pandurangarao. “But they have refused,” added Pandurangarao.
“Even though we are government employees, our life is worse than daily-wage labourers,” says Pandurangarao, adding “we get no subsidies, no benefits and have no choice but to survive with a meagre salary. The government does not even provide us with basic facilities such as a house for an office or the electricity bill. It’s the head Post Master’s responsibility to arrange for a place for the ‘Dak Ghar’ (Post Office)”
Although GDS’ are central government employees, they are considered temporary employees which deprives them of various benefits such as the retirement benefit, pensions, etc. “After working for 35 to 40 years, we are given a meager retirement benefit of Rs.1,00,000. Our  per day salary is not more than Rs.300 and every year we get an increment of  Rs.50 to Rs.60. We get no other benefits,” Pandurangarao says. “How is it possible for us to survive like this,” he asks.
All India working president of AIPEU-GDS, Virendra Sharma says, “There have been at least five rounds of talks, but nothing conclusive has come out of it. Our demand is simple; implement the reforms suggested by the Committee constituted by you (the government). The protests have affected lives in rural India and we don’t wish to continue, but the government is simply not ready to listen.”
“On June 1, we will protest outside the Ministry of Communications’ office in New Delhi. We will not give in even if they turn a blind eye to us, they (the government) will have to listen to us,” says Sharma. 
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Postal Joint Council of Action(PJCA) comprising NFPE & FNPO,  appeals to the entire rank and file of NFPE & FNPO to extend all solidarity, help and Cooperation for success of GDS Strike.

          Make the following Programmes a grand success.

1. On dated 31-05-2018
          Hunger Fast on 31-05-2018 (from 10 Am to 5 Pm) at all work places.

2. On dated 01-06-2018
          March to Sanchar Bhavan, Office of Communication Minister

R.N Parashar                                                                D.K Kishan Rao
Secretary General                                                       Secretary General
NFPE                                                                                       FNPO

CITU Congratulates the Gramin Dak Sevaks for the magnificent united all India strike
Demands the Government immediately implement the pro employee recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report
Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) congratulates the nearly three lakh Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) of the Postal Department for the magnificent united all India Strike. All the four GDS Unions (AIPEU-GDS, AIGDSU, NUGDS & BPEDU) are on an indefinite strike from 22 May 2018. All the postal employees’ unions have supported the strike. As per reports the strike is total and 1,29,500 Branch Post Offices remained closed.
More than 60% of the employees of the Postal Department are GDS and more than 80% of the Post Offices are GDS Branch Post Offices. Major revenue of the department comes from GDS. They are not treated as Postal employees and were paid a pittance. The Gramin Dak Sevaks have a great legacy of struggles and whatever facilities they are enjoying at present is the result of their bitter struggles along with the postal employees.
This strike was forced by the NDA government which not only denied to address the long pending demands of the Gramin Dak Sevaks for regularisation as government employees, but refused to implement the recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report on the service conditions of the GDS. The Committee which was appointed by the government to look into the service conditions of the Gramin Dak Sevaks had submitted its report as early in November 2016. The Union Minister had promised to implement the pro-employee recommendations of the report. Even after eighteen months the orders are still awaited. The GDS and their unions were forced to go on an indefinite strike after the government had failed to meet even the latest deadline of April 2018, it had promised.
CITU expresses solidarity with the striking employees and demands that the NDA government must immediately settle the issue by agreeing to the just demands of these grass root level workers who deliver valuable service to the common people.
Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary
Source : CITU

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

1st Floor, North Avenue Post office Building, New Delhi – 110001




Dear Comrades,

As you are aware the indefinite strike of GDS Unions (AIPEU-GDS, AIGDSU, NUGDS & BEDEU) entered the 8th day today. All India strike percentage is 96%. Five rounds of discussions held with Secretary, Department of Posts, Additional Director General, Posts and conciliation meetings of Regional Labour Commissioner failed due to the adamant and negative attitude of the Government and Department. As per the call of NFPE and all affiliates of NFPE, departmental employees in Postal department organised black badge campaign and protest demonstration as solidarity support to the GDS strike. In five states (Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and West Bengal) departmental employees also organised solidarity strike eventhough in four states (Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and West Bengal) they have withdrawn the solidarity strike on the fourth day due to compelling reason. In Kerala departmental employees of NFPE and FNPO are continuing their strike. In all states including those states where the departmental employees have withdrawn the solidarity strike, 100% GDS employees are continuing their strike.

Confederation of Central Government employees & Workers has already given call for daily demonstration in front of Postal and RMS offices and also extend full support and solidarity to the strike.
As the strike is continuing Confederation National Secretariat and NFPE Federal Secretariat has decided to organize mass hunger fast in front of major Post office/RMS offices on 31st May 2018 Thursday from 10 AM to 5 PM. It is also decided to mobilise maximum number of employees from Delhi and nearby states in the Sanchar Bhawan March already announced by the striking GDS Unions on 1stJune 2018 Friday at 10:30 AM.

All affiliates and State/District Level Coordinating Committees of Confederation and NFPE are requested to organize the above mentioned programmes in an effective manner with biggest participation of employees.

Yours fraternally,

(M. Krishnan)                                                          (R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General                                          Secretary General
Confederation                                               NFPE
Mob: & WhastApp – 094470688125                Mob: & WhatsApp - 09868819295

         Govt. of India has not included 2.76 lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) of the Postal department under the purview of 7th Central Pay Commission. Govt’s stand is that GDS are not Civil Servants but are Extra Departmental Employees. After much pressure and agitations by Postal Federations finally Government appointed a separate Committee for revision of wages and service conditions of GDS, headed by a retired Postal Board Member Shri Kamalesh Chandra.

2.         Service conditions of GDS are pathetic. No pay scale is granted instead Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) is granted. Minimum monthly allowance for 3 hours is Rs.2295- plus DA and maximum monthly allowance for hours is Rs.3635 plus DA. No other allowances such as HRA, Children Education Allowance etc., are granted. Rent of the building in which Branch Post Office is housed is to be paid by the Branch Post Master (BPM) from his pocket. No maternity leave is granted instead 90 days leave salary is granted from Welfare Fund. No medical reimbursement or Medical Insurance Scheme.  Only 20days paid leave is granted in a year. No time bound promotion except examination based promotion to limited number of Postmen & Group-D vacancies. No pension is granted and GDS service is not counted towards pension.

            In 2011 a Contributory Pension Scheme is introduced with contribution of Rs.200/- each by the employee and the department. But the pension from this insurance annuity based scheme is meager, less than Rs.1000/- per month. In short the wages and service conditions are deplorable.

3.         It is this background; the Kamalesh Chandra Committee submitted its report on 24-11-2016. Most of the recommendations of the Committee are positive. Minimum pay recommended was Rs.10,000/- and maximum Rs.14,500/- plus DA. Composite Allowance in lieu of building rent & Children education Allowance were recommended. Maternity leave for 26 weeks and one week paternity leave, Time bound three promotions on completion of 12,24 & 36 years of service, 30 days ordinary leave, five days emergency leave etc., are also recommended.

4.         Eventhough the Committee Report is submitted to Govt. on 24-11-2016, even after a lapse of 18 months, the report is not yet implemented. In the case of departmental employees, wage revision as per 7th CPC Report was already implemented from 01-01-2016. Unjustified discrimination is shown towards GDS. As a result, the discontentment and protest among the GDS is growing day by day. NFPE & AIPEU-GDS has conducted various agitational programmes including one day strike on 23-08-2017 and five days continuous dharna at Delhi demanding immediate implementation of positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report. Other Federations and GDS Unions too conducted their own agitational programmes. Inspite of all these, implementation of the Committee Report is delayed inordinately. The All India Conference of AIPEU-GDS held at Allahabad in March 2018, reviewed whole situation and decided to organize indefinite strike in the month of May 2018.

5.         It is in this back ground, the indefinite strike notice was served by four GDS unions. First BEDEU (BMS) served notice for indefinite strike. Then AIGDSU and NUGDS (INTUC) gave notice for indefinite strike from 22-05-2018. As other GDS Unions had given indefinite strike notice, AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) also decided to service indefinite strike notice from the same date i.e., 22-05-2018 in consultation with NFPE.
Simultaneously, NFPE issued instructions to all Branch / Division / Circle Unions to extend full support and solidarity to the GDS strike by organizing daily protest demonstrations and attending duty by wearing black-badges. In five States viz., Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & West Bengal departmental employees’ Unions also joined the strike from 22-05-2018.

6.         Indefinite strike commenced on 22-05-2018. 100% GDS in all States went on strike. Out of 1,55,000 post offices, 1,29,500 post offices are Branch Post Offices manned by GDS. All the 1,29,500 Post offices remained closed. Out of five lakhs postal employees 2.76 lakhs are Gramin Dak Sevaks 90 – 95% of GDS went on strike from 22-05-2018 and their percentage increased day by day and came to near total. Regarding Departmental employees, the solidarity strike from 22-05-2018 conducted in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana and West Bengal withdrawn on the fourth day due to compelling reasons, but the entire GDS in these States are continuing their Strike. In Kerala, departmental employees are continuing their solidarity strike even today.

7          .After giving the strike notice, till, date four round of negotiations took place. First round discussions held with Additional Director General, Department of Posts. Second round of talks held with Secretary, Department of Posts. Third and fourth round of conciliation proceedings was held by Regional Labour Commissioner (Central), New Delhi. All these discussions failed due to the totally negative and adamant attitude of the Govt. and Postal Authorities and hence the strike is continuing. All the four GDS Unions are on strike and it is near total in almost all States. The functioning of the rural postal services is paralyzed as 80% of the post offices are closed and 100% GDS are on strike.

Monday 28 May 2018

Glorious 8th Day Strike by GDS!
Government is still intransigent!
GDS to bravely and patiently to continue strike!
Innovative programmes - Media attraction - Meeting Constituency M.Ps  - Leaflets to gather public support - all necessary now!

The Central Government appears to be totally intransigent! Postal Board helpless! No one can explain with justification as to why 18 months delay is not enough to implement Kamlesh Chandra Committee? Downtrodden workers who carry the burden of Postal Services in rural India are put to unbearable stress and strain! No wonder, honourable Prime Minister is planning for Malaysia and Singapore official trip and no time with him to look into what us happening in India Post! Communications Minister who could command the Secretary Post to go over and address and end the BPEF GDS fast by distributing fruit juice has now no time to intervene! Spokespersons of ruling alliance are maintaining total silence for 8 days; but they have time and energy to talk more about Karnataka politics!

Regular employees movement has shown solidarity and some Circles have gone on strike to the extent possible! Kerala is still fully in field with both NFPE & FNPO COCs leading the struggle! It is time that more solidarity and support from regular staff TI be shown from other states who had some organisational weaknesses!

AIPRPA CHQ calls upon once again the Postal Pensioners organisations to take more serious solidarity activities!

Let the strike end with victory!

Half well is crossed; let us not fall down!


As all of you are aware, after 5th CPC, Com.K.Adinarayana, Ex-SG, P4 faught for higher pay scale of Rs.3050- (LDC Scale) for Postmen. Finally Com.   Inderjit Gupta, Home Minister, who was the Head of the Group of Ministers who held discussion with Staff Side, agreed for grant of two advance increments for Postmen. Later Finance Ministry diluted the assurance by limiting the two advance increments to only entry pay scale of newly appointed Postmen. Struggle for grant of Rs.3050/- scale continued under the leadership of Com. Adi and later Com.Des Raj Sharma.

Finally before the 1998 indefinite strike orders granting Rs.3050/- (LDC Scale) for Postmen is issued. But again Finance Ministry played the game and the Rs.3050/- scale was given effect  from 10-1997 only Instead of 01-01-1996.

Against this injustice P-4 CHQ filed case in the Principle Bench of CAT, New Delhi. Com. I.S. Dabas & Com. R.Seethalakshmi Ex-GSs, P--4 took the following action. CAT gave favourable judgement.  But Department went on appeal to High Court. High Court upheld the argument of the department and P4 CHQ lost the case in the High Court.

Against this P-4 CHQ filed appeal (Special Leave Petition) in the Supreme Court. Finally Supreme Court delivered favourable judgement on 0-7-05-2015. The Department tried its best to delay the implementation of judgement. Along with GDS strike demand, P-4 CHQ gave strike notice with GDS & P-4 demands also. After our strike notice, the department issued orders on 23-05-2018 for implementing Rs.3050/- scale to Postmen staff from 01-01-1996 itself.

It is a great victory of the P-4 Union. P-4 CHQ congratulates the P-4 Comrades who stood with the CHQ in the struggle and also in the legal battle. Without struggle, no success shall come. Without strong militant organization, no struggle is possible.

 Debabrata Mohanty
General Secretary
M.b. 9437072066


Dear Comrades,

          Today, a formal meeting held with Hon'ble Secretary, Department of Posts and other Officers of the Department at 04-00pm.

Negotiations failed and all Unions (AIPEU-GDS, AIGDSU & FNPO) decided to continue the strike.


              Indefinite strike of GDS called by all GDS unions continued on the 7th day. The all India strike percentage is 96%. In Kerala, departmental employees of NFPE & FNPO are also on strike from 22nd May onwards. Congratulations and struggle greetings to all.
        Today a formal meeting held with Secretary, Department of Posts, Shri A.N.Nanda at 04.00pm. Addl Director General Shri Tilak De, Member (Operations) Smt.Usha Chandra Sekhar, DDG (SR & Legal) Shri Sailendra Dashora, DDG (Estt) Smt. Smrithi Saran, Director (SR & Legal) Daisy Barla were also present.
          On behalf of Federations / Unions Com.Giriraj Singh (President, NFPE), Com.D.B.Mohanty, General Secretary, P4 ., Com.P.Pandurangarao, G/S, AIPEU-GDS., Com.S.S.Mahadevaiah, G/S, AIGDSU., Shri P.U.Muralidharan, G/S, NUGDS & Com.B.V.Rao, Asst. Genl. Secretary, AIGDSU attended.
             Secretary, Posts appealed to the GDS Unions to call off the strike in the interest of the department and general public. Later on copy of the appeal given to all Unions. Unions requested for a discussion, but Secretary, Posts informed that other than appeal he has nothing to say.
                 All Unions decided to continue the strike. All are requested to make all out efforts to increase the percentage of strike from 96% to 100%. Govt and Department will be compelled to come to an honourable settlement no sooner than later.
Meeting with Secretary at 4'o clock today regarding GDS Indefinite Strike.                         
GDS unions JCA gathering at BBSR in CPMG office campus and submitted memorandum to Hon'bl Governor of Odisha to forward the same to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.