Saturday 19 May 2018

Postal Printing press at Bhubaneswar Odisha

Comrades, We Strongly and vehemently protest the arbitrary and dictatorship decisions of the committee of Secretaries of the Central Government and for the orders of Postal Directorate for closure of Only and one Postal Printing Press in India at BBSR witout any rhyme and reason, on behalf of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, Odisha state committee, when from CPMG level to Secretary, Dept of Posts holds the posts by our Odiya officers for whom we take credit, which could have been convinced before the CoS to retain the Only Postal Printing Press in India of the Deptt of posts for larger interests of the department when India post is going to function as IPPB and many new forms will be required again to be printed in the press. There is no justification of the closure of the press. It is the wrong policy of this Modi government to close all government of India Presses only to help the corporate sectors to do this business which is anti workers policy and to dismantle the government works, which we condemned strongly and demand its retention without putting the staff and their family members into mental harassment. It is deeply discontented that one after one Government presses of the Central Government is being closed from Odisha due to political games of the ruling party in Centre. I earnestly request all the Circle Secretaries affiliated with NFPE to rise up to the occasion and have a joint meeting with other circle Secretaries of sister unions in Odisha and to oppose this order of the dte'dtd 09.05.2018 in tooth and nails for the existence of the Press and hold protest demos in front of the CPMG office. The CCGE&W, Odisha state committee will be with you and show solidarity for the same. I also convey my warm greetings to the employees of the Postal Printing Press for their protest demonstration in front of the press and press /media statements given and convey my warm greetings to Com Kishore Biswal, the Secretary of the AIPAOEU-Postal Printing Press Branch and the All India organizing Secretary of the AIPAOEU for his immediate move on the matter at CHQ/NFPE level and tried his level best to keep the ppp as it is at dte'level. I enthuse the members and workers of the Postal Printing Press to carry on the program daily and finally win over in the race. Please pledge -.                             Inquilab-Zindabad, Workers Unity -Zindabad. With warm greetings.                         Comradely Yours                                               R N Dhal, General Secretary of CCGE&W, Odisha state committee and Former Leader Staff side of RJCM, Odisha Circle.

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