Monday 28 May 2018

Glorious 8th Day Strike by GDS!
Government is still intransigent!
GDS to bravely and patiently to continue strike!
Innovative programmes - Media attraction - Meeting Constituency M.Ps  - Leaflets to gather public support - all necessary now!

The Central Government appears to be totally intransigent! Postal Board helpless! No one can explain with justification as to why 18 months delay is not enough to implement Kamlesh Chandra Committee? Downtrodden workers who carry the burden of Postal Services in rural India are put to unbearable stress and strain! No wonder, honourable Prime Minister is planning for Malaysia and Singapore official trip and no time with him to look into what us happening in India Post! Communications Minister who could command the Secretary Post to go over and address and end the BPEF GDS fast by distributing fruit juice has now no time to intervene! Spokespersons of ruling alliance are maintaining total silence for 8 days; but they have time and energy to talk more about Karnataka politics!

Regular employees movement has shown solidarity and some Circles have gone on strike to the extent possible! Kerala is still fully in field with both NFPE & FNPO COCs leading the struggle! It is time that more solidarity and support from regular staff TI be shown from other states who had some organisational weaknesses!

AIPRPA CHQ calls upon once again the Postal Pensioners organisations to take more serious solidarity activities!

Let the strike end with victory!

Half well is crossed; let us not fall down!


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