Monday 2 December 2019

Monday, 2 December 2019

A Struggle for Each Benefit and a Benefit in Each Struggle

Talking about India Post, we all should note that when the Department has already gone one step forward towards corporatization with opening of IPPB Ltd., and both the Department and Govt. are now accelerating implementation of the recommendations of the Task Force Committee, there is every apprehension that India Post may face the fate of BSNL shortly if not protested in right manner in right time. Not only India Post, but Railways, Defence, Airports and many other Central Govt. establishments are moving on the same direction of corporatization/privatization. When the Department will not remain as a Central Govt. establishment, how can we retain your status and dignity as a Central Govt. employee? Will there be any justification to cry for next pay commission? What will happen to LTC, Bonus, Medical Reimbursement and all such benefits we have achieved through rigorous struggle programmes and now enjoying as Central Govt. employees? Who will struggle against the policy deficiencies? Who will fight against the economic slowdowns and unexpected price rise? Who will fight to rationalize the PDS system? Who will ask equal pay for equal work? Who will protest the attack on minimum wage? How can we stand against injustice if our trade union rights will be snatched away in the name of amendment of labour laws? What about the so called return of black money? Why there was demonetization? Why the status of independent bodies like CBI, RBI etc is undermined? Why there is politics in the name of religion?  So many questions like this have now affected the intellectual mass of the country.

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