Saturday 1 December 2018

No P-IV/CHQ/Circular-06/2018-2020                                                               Dated 20th Nov 2018

All CHQ Office Bearers
And All Circle, Divisional and Branch Secretaries


* To make the two days shrike a grand success as per call of Confederation and P.J.C.  On 08th and 09th January 2019.

*To make the Postmen and MTS programme a grand sucess simultaneously, and programme should be done with rank and file for survival of our cadre and department of Posts.

Dear Comrades,
            As you are all aware that as per direction of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, Convention held at Hyderabad on 10th of June 2018 one day strike on 15th Nov 2018, and if all the trade unions declare any strike program, then our (CCGE&W) programme will be synchronized with that programme, accordingly the convention all trade unions excluding BMS held on 28th Sept 2018 and unanimously declared two days strike on 08thand 09th  January 2018 for the details demand as below, minimum wages


1.     Scrap New Contributory Pension Scheme. Restore old defined benefit Pension Scheme to all employees.

2.     Settle 7th CPC related issues including increase in Minimum Pay and fitment formula, HRA arrears from 01-01-2016, MACP Bench Mark, promotional heirarchy and date of effect from 01-01-2006, Option-I for pensioners and anomalies arising out of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations.

3.     Fill up all vacant posts. Reintroduce Regional Recruitment for Group B & C posts. Withdraw orders for abolishing posts lying vacant for more than five years. Revive all posts abolished during 2001 to 2008 under Annual Direct Recruitment plan as per May 2001 orders of former NDA Government.

4.     (a)   Regularisatin of Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant of Civil Servant status. Implement remaining positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra committee report.

   (b)   Regularise all casual and contract workers including those appointed on or after 01-09-1993.

5.     Ensure equal pay for equal work for all. Remove disparity in pay scales between Central Secretariat Staff and similarly placed staff working in field units of various departments.

6.     Stop closure of Govt. establishments and outsourcing. Withdraw closure orders of Govt. of India Presses. Stop proposed move to close down salt department. Stop FDI and privatisation of Railways and Defence department.

7.     Implement 7th CPC wage revision and pension revision of Autonomous body employees and pensioners. Grant Bonus to Autonomous body employees pending from 2016-17 onwards.

8.     Remove 5% condition imposed on compassionate appointment.

9.     Grant five time bound promotions to all Group B&C employees. Complete Cadre Reviews in all departments within a time-frame.

10.   (a)   Stop attack on trade union rights. Ensure prompt functioning of various negotiating forums under the JCM scheme at all levels.

        (b)   Withdraw the draconian FR-56(j) and Rule 48 of CCS Pension Rules 1972. If necessary, affiliates can add their own departmental wise issues as PART-II of the charter of demands.        
            Insurance, for handing over to the Bajaj and Alliange.  The Company Alliange is American Based Company, whose condition was precarious at the time of depression in the year 2008.  From that day the Company searching wage and means for better survival, but our honourable Communication Minister has declared to give the PLI to Bajaj Alianj in the end of this year which is the policies of the Government.  The Postman Cadre is seriously attacked by the policies of Govt. to engage O.P.A. (Out Sourced Postal Agencies) the function of the Agencies to pick up Mails from market and transmit the collected mails though its own conveyance at the end point that agencies will be delivered the article.  So you, we have to think the situation, if the mails did not come to post office for delivery then how we can save our Cadre.  Not only Postman and MTS but also RMS is under attach by P.N.O.P.(Parcel Networking Optimization Programme) by that, total RMS out of four hundred only one hundred RMS will be justified, definitely the staff will be surplus. Branch Post Offices (Our Grammin Dak Sevakasare attacked by RICT, DARPAN, and now engaged for electrification.  All those works are not properly functional in absence of net work.  Then in the name of net work public harassment are there.  The Allahabad Ketchery Post Office case is breed of the SAP and net Work failure.

            So totally as a whole the department of Posts are under attack of wrong policies of the Government rapidly implemented by the bureaucrat .So we both postmen and MTS Union (AIPEU and NUPE) sit together and decided to fight against the wrong policies of the Government and department.  Our twenty five charter of demands is enclosed herewith and you should think what is the fate of postmen and MTS cadre.  Through our struggle programme we can stop the undemocratic, unwanted, ante-worker, anti Public policies of the Government. First phase programme to wear black badges from 27th to 29th Nov 2018, Second phase programme is one day DHARNA in front of Divisional Offices. On 14th of December 2018, we should welcome to the New Year 2019 with “BEGUL” of DHARNA on 2nd Jan 2019 in front of Circle Offices.  All above three programmes should be implemented properly by which our Comrades can come forward for organize way to participate “DAK BHAWAN GHERAO” ON 06TH Feb 2019.  All the Comrades are requested to come with uniform to participate in the DHARNA at New Delhi.  Ticket should be booked FOR Delhi DHARNA; Minimum two thousand Postman and MTS should attend the DHARNA.  Details of quota of delegates to attend 06th Feb 2019 Programme for each Circle will be worked out after consultation with the Circle Secretaries.


Comradely   yours,
(Debarata Mohanty)

General Secretary

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