Sunday 15 April 2018

Attending the joint Biennial Dvl Conference of Dhenkanal Postal Dvn as the Guest of honour at Nalco Auditorium, Angul as the state General Secretary of CCGE&W and the state General Secretary of AIPRPA, Odisha state committee. Amongst other leaders Com. R. C Mishra, former Circle Secretary of P 3 inaugurated, Com. Bruhaspati Samal, Circle Secretary of P - 3 attended as Chief Guest, Com. Debabrata Mohanty, General Secretary of P-4 CHQ attended as chief speaker, Com. Nirmal Ch. Singh, Circle Secretary of AIPEU - GDS, Com. P K Sahoo, Dvl Secretary - senior leader of Dkl Dn, Com. C S Singh, Circle Vice president of P-3 and the Dvl Secys of SambalPur Dn and Puri Dn attended. Com. Aditya Prasad Panda Presided over the open session. I convey my warm greetings to the organizers of Dkl Postal Dn for their love and affection to me and by inviting to their conference in open session.

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