Thursday 19 April 2018

3rd Day relay hunger fast

 3rd day relay hunger fast Dharana program of AIPEU - GDS union, in front of the CPMG office, BBSR and inaugurated on behalf of the CCGE&W Odisha state committee and AIPRPA, Odisha state committee and Former Leader Staff side of RJCM, Odisha Circle Branch. Com. Bruhaspati Samal, Chairman of the NFPE CoC, Odisha Circle presided over the Dharana. Amongst other leaders Com. Bamadeb Mishra, Convenor of BBSR city CoC, Com. Jagadish Jena from AOBEFI, Com. Harihar Acharya from BEFI attended and addressed also. Many GDS Comrades from many Dvns attended. Com. Jogesh ch Sahoo, working President of AIPEU - GDS union Chq attended and addressed. Com. Nirmal Singh and Com. Here Krushna Sahoo Circle Secretary and President of the Circle Union managed the today's program very nicely. I  convey my red Salute to all comrades .

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