Thursday 2 September 2021

Reinstatement of Doorstep Banking Charges w.e.f 1st SEPTEMBER, 2021

 Reinstatement of Doorstep Banking Charges w.e.f 1st SEPTEMBER, 2021

We are pleased to inform you that IPPB is going to reinstate charges on its Doorstep Banking Service from 1st September, 2021. 

 Service Proposition

  • INR 20/- (exclusive of GST) will be charged to customer for each door step banking service request
  • DSB charges implementation radius: Beyond 1000 meter from access point.
  • There will be no distinction between cash / Non-non cash or financial/ Non-financial transactions.  Flat INR 20/- will be charged for all eligible products and services
  • No capping on number of transactions which can be availed during a single doorstep visit* by customer accounts associated with one CIF. Customer will be charged for DSB per end user/ MATM visit and not per transaction basis.
  •  Time duration of one DSB visit will be till that day EOD, means in a single day DSB charge for a single CIF will be levied only one time, all the transactions done at doorstep during that day (till EOD) will be considered as a single DSB visit.
  •  Existing charges on products and services will be same
  •  Product/service wise charges are attached in annexure 1 (for IPPB customers) and annexure 2 (for Non IPPB customers).
  • The DSB service request can be raised by customer via existing process (Toll Free Number, CDRM & Post Info App).
 Changes in system 
  • Charges will be automatically deducted from customer’s account.
  • There will be a Pop-up on the MATM indicating to the End User regarding DSB charges in case applicable* i.e. if he is providing service >1000 meter radius and if the service is chargeable. *The customer will thus be suitably informed by End User.
  • This is applicable also to the ad-hoc service requests and fulfilment by the end users.
 Benefit to Postman/GDS
  • At present postmen/GDS are providing IPPB services to customers at their doorstep at zero DSB charges. The introduction of DSB charges will open new "incentive stream for end users".
  • Incentive will be as per existing MoU between DoP and IPPB i.e., 25% to L0, 4.5% to L1 and 0.5% to L2.
  • End user (L0) will earn Rs. 5/- on each DSB visit.
  • Benefit to customer
  • Available for both IPPB and Non IPPB customers
  • Nominal charges in comparison to other banks.
  • No cap on transactions in one DSB visit, hence economic to all customers.
  • To ensure timely delivery of DSB service by postman/GDS, tracking and monitoring of all DSB service requests raised need to be done

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