Friday 16 April 2021

Preventive measures to contain spread of Corona Virus. Sir,


No. PF/NFPE/Covid/2021                                              Dated – 16.04.2021


The Secretary (P)

Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001

Sub: -  Preventive measures to contain spread of Corona Virus.


As you are aware that the 2nd wave of Corona has hit the country. More than two lakh cases of infection are coming every day. The Postal Department was declared as essential service during 1st wave of corona last year and during that period rendering services so many postal employees got infected, took treatment in private hospitals to save their life and full reimbursement was not made by the Department to such officials. So many employees were died being infected with this fatal disease. The Department had issued orders to pay compensation Rs. 10 lakh to the family of deceased employees but that was also rejected by Govt. of India. We had given suggestion to pay the compensation from the Circle welfare funds but that has not been materialized yet.

The employees of Postal Department are worst victim of this corona virus diseases as they have to come in regular contact with public. There are no measures to control the crowd in Post offices. There are no proper facilities to sanitize the offices and employees and public.

Our field staff i.e. Postmen and GDS staff, have to go to door to door to deliver the articles. Aadhar enabled payment service has caused more infection to staff Aadhar updation is also one of the major cause of infection.

In beginning of last year when corona started spreading the services and offices were run with reduced staff but after some time declaring the Postal services as essential services the whole staff was put on duty.

This is irony of the department that those who are more vulnerable were called on duty with full strength and in administrative offices, where employees are more safe than operative offices, roaster system with 50% duty was implemented.

Now also vide Dte. Letter No. AD-91/18/2020-Admin dated 15th April 2021, roaster system and work from home has been implemented in Administrative offices.

Keeping in view all the above mentioned facts we would like to request you to cause necessary instructions on the below mentioned subjects to contain spread of corona virus and to save the life of poor postal employees.

1.      50% roaster duty system should be applied in all post offices and RMS offices.

2.      Working hours should be reduced.

3.      Sanitizing machine in Post offices and Hand sanitizers, masks should be provided to all staff.

4.      PPE kits should be provided to all delivery and field staff.

5.      As far as possible delivery should be done from office after giving information to public. Door to Door delivery should be restricted during this pandemic period.

6.      Vaccination of all staff should be done on priority basis treating them as front line warriors,

7.      Full reimbursement of treatment of Covid disease should be made.

8.      Compensation Rs.10 lakh should be granted to the family of deceased employees.

9.      Compulsory compassionate appointment to one ward of the deceased. 

It is therefore requested to kindly cause necessary action in this regard.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,


(R. N. Parashar)

Secretary General


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