Wednesday 8 July 2020

Let us remember Legendary leader D. Gnaniah

A tribute to late Nanogenarian Comrade D.Gnaniah, on his third death anniversary!

Comrade D.Gnaniah (1921-2017) was a towering leader of P&T and Central Government TU movement. He was Secretary General NFPTE for the periods from 1965 to 1970 and from 1976 to 1978. He led the historic 19th September 1968 one day token strike as Secretary General NFPTE and was arrested and jailed in Tihar Jail. He signed the historic bonus agreement on 14.3.1980 as Leader Staff Side, JCM on behalf of NFPTE. He was dismissed from service once, suspended twice and retired compulsorily once for trade union activities.

He was all along one of the unforgettable and inseparable top leaders of our movement. A great writer of many books; a forceful orator of three languages of Tamil. English and Hindi; a fine negotiator; a humane and versatile personality - and many more virtues were imbibed in comrade Gnaniah! A man of unshakable faith in socialism was always a distinguishing aspect of comrade D. Gnaniah that all of us the trade unionists must emulate!

On his third death anniversary on 8.7.2020 we pay rich tributes to him. Let us cherish his memory on the occasion of his third death anniversary.

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