Wednesday 6 May 2020

Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Dear Colleagues / Comrades,
Good evening to all of you.

You are aware that the presently the Circle administration is determined for mandatory opening of DoP Salary Accounts with IPPB of all employees including GDS for which undue pressure is being given to SSPOs down the line to SPMs. As you know, we have already opposed on behalf of AIPEU, Group-C and Postal JCA comprising of NFPE, FNPO and BPEF citing some deficiencies of IPPB Account. In addition, All India Association of IPs and ASPOs, Odisha Circle branch has also opposed the move of the Circle administration in this regard.

The letter written on behalf of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle has been replied today by Circle Office which has been posted in our Circle Website linking to all Divisional and Circle WhatsApp groups. Sincere request to you all kindly to go through the para-wise replies given by Circle office on the points raised by us.

Your suitable feedback can only strengthen us to decide the next course of action.

As per latest information available with us, a V C is going to be held at 11 AM on 08.05.2020 with participation of the Regional Heads, Sr. Postmasters / Postmasters of all GPOs / HOs where this aspect will be discussed along with other items.It is our sincere appeal to all the Postmasters who will attend the V C to go through our letter and the reply given by Circle office seriously and represent judiciously. In addition to the points already raised by us, another important point is that no deposit and withdrawal is possible by the single-handed SPMs using their own Id since IPPB does not allow to login for self account and as aware 90% post offices are single-handed. Kindly convince your Postmaster.

 In this context, we would like to clarify one thing that the last sentence of the Circle Office letter No. SB/53-1/COVID-19/2020, dated 04.05.2020 issued in this regards, reads as follows:

“The Divisional Heads will also submit a copy of the list of the DDOs for crediting the salary of the employees opted for IPPB (SBDOP) Account.”

Thus, it is clear that salary will be credited provided the employee opts for this. So it is our humble submission before you all not to exercise any option for crediting your salary in IPPB Account.  No DDO, Divisional / Sub-Divisional Head can compel you to exercise option.

All the Divisional Secretaries are requested to motivate their members accordingly.

Be strong in your decision so that we can succeed.

We are opposing because:

1. The Postal Directorate has not issued any such instruction.
2.   No other Circle in the entire nation except Odisha has any such proposal.
3. The order is completely local and thus unfair, arbitrary, whimsical and unconstitutional since violates individual primacy.

Expecting your whole-hearted cooperation with immediate suitable feedback to decide next course of action .
With regards.

= Bruhaspati Samal =
Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C &
Leader, RJCM (Staff Side), Odisha

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