Friday 24 April 2020

Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers, Odisha state committee

The Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers, Odisha state committee unanimously resolved the deep concern against the draconian and arbitrary orders on freezing of D.A and D.R. to  Central Government Employees and Pensioners issued vide MoF,Dept of Expenditure,New Delhi on dt.23.04.2020 from 1.1.2020 to 30.06.2021 after declaration of 4 % D  and DR on 13 th March 2020 to give wef 01.01.2020 and now freezed the same from arrears including future DA and DR from 01.7.2020 and 1.1.2021 respectively when consumer price index has been increasing day by day during this Covid-19 CORONAVIROUS pandemic periods, which was never seen in past during the chainees aggression in 1962 and Pakistan war in 1971 or during emergency in June 1975 or during in any natural calamities taken past days.The arrears of DA and DR may not be given and deposited separately with Govt like past years of 1980-82, but the current DA and DR shouldn't be freezed at all in the name of Covid-19 CORONAVIROUS pandemic and economic situation of the country. It is nothing but to rub pitters and pay Paul policy only to support big corporate houses and billionaires and millionaires in the country directly and indirectly hammering the low paid employees and pensioners and to put them in to starvation and miseries.  The lakhs and crores of rupees in the name of taxes exempted to the corporate houses and crores of rupees deposited with trust funds of many temples,and black money deposited in Swiss banks and other banks of rich persons be collected during this Covid-19 CORONAVIROUS pandemic periods to coup up the loss of the economic conditions of the country. We therefore urge upon the Union government to think over the matter again and issue orders for payment of DA and DR to all Central Government Employees and workers and to the Pensioners as well to avoid trade union path on the matter. :- R N Dhal, State General, CCGEWCOC,Odisha State Committee, Jagannath Vihar, Gopalpur, Cuttack-753011.

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