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Circular  No.1/2020-23                                                                   Dated: 15-02-2020
                   26th National conference of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers was held successfully at Jawahar Vidyarthi Sabha Gruha, Near MLA Hostel, Civil Lines, Nagpur on 7th and 8th February 2020. The Conference hall was named as "Com. A.B Burdhan Nagar" in memory of the great leader of Trade Union and working class of India, Late Com. A.B. Burdhan. The manch of the conference  hall was named as "Com.Sukomal Sen Manch'' in memory of  Late Com.Sukomal Sen, who was General Secretary/President of All India State Government Employees Federation and Vice President  CITU. The  Reception  Committee under the able and dynamic Leadership of Com. R.K. Shrivastava (Chairman) and Com. Nilesh.D.Nasare (General Secretary, Reception Committee & GS, COC Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra) made excellent arrangements for the successful conducting of the historic 26th Nagpur National conference.
Inaugural Session/Open Session:
                   The National  Conference commenced on 7th February 2020 morning with flag hoisting ceremony. Com. K.K.N Kutty, National President, Confederation, hoisted the Confederation flag. Tribute to martyrs was paid by offering flowers at the Martyrs column by Chief Guests, Leaders, delegates and observers.
                   The open session ( Inaugural session) commenced at 11 AM. Com. K.K.N Kutty presided. Com. Nilesh D.Nasare, General, Secretary, COC & Reception Committee delivered Introductory speech. Com.R.K.Shrivastava Chairman, Reception Committee delivered welcome address.  Com: Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU and Com. Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary, AITUC addressed the open session as Chief Guests.
                   Both the Leaders explained in detail the present Political and economic scenario of  the country and the world. The leaders stated that the BJP-led NDA Government has devastated the Country’s economy and the people of our country and the working class are suffering. The growth in the agricultural, industrial and service sectors are sliding down and lakhs of people have become jobless. Protests against the destructive neo liberal polices are increasing and participation of workers in both sectoral and general strikes are also increasing. About more than 25 crores workers, both organised and unorganised participated in the strike on 8th January 2020.  The Kisans and agricultural workers extended full support to the strike.
                   The BJP led NDA Government is going ahead with  aggressive communal agenda to  divide the people and the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is passed in  Parliament for further polarisation on communal lines. But the people came out in protest in large numbers irrespective of caste or Religion. The students are in the forefront of the struggle. The BJP Government is becoming more and more authoritarian and is  suppressing the dissent of the people and students who are  on struggle path, by using brute force.
                   Both the leaders called upon the Central Government Employees to intensify their struggle against the neo-liberal policies of the Government  and also against the attack on their job security, wages , Social security and Trade Union rights.
                   The open session was also addressed by Com. Subhash Lamba, All India President of AISGEF, Com:R.N Patne ( LICEU), and Com. V.V. Assai, (BEFI). Vote of thanks was offered by Com. P.U Khadse, President, C-O- C, Nagpur.
Delegate Session:
                   Delegate session commenced at  4 PM 07-02-2020. Com. K.K.N.Kutty, Presided. Resolution paying Homage to Martyrs and condolence resolution was read by Com. R.N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE & Assistant Secretary, confederation, The house observed two minutes silence.
                   Thereafter President read over the Notice for the 26th National Conference and also agenda items.  House approved the agenda without any amendments. The following committees were constituted for the smooth conducting of the conference.
1.   Presidium :     Com K.K.N Kutty (President), Com. M.S. Raja (Working President), Com. T. Narasimhan, Com. Giriraj Singh, Com. Nageswara Rao, Com.Asok Kumar Kanojia (Vice Presidents) and Com. Usha Boneppalli ( Chairperson, Women’s Committee).
 2.   Minutes Committee: Com. S.B Yadav (Convenor), Com. R.B. Suresh and Ravindran. B. Nair ( Members)
3.    Credential Committee: Com. Gurprit Singh ( Convenor), Com.Tapas Bose, Com. Santhosh Kumar (Members)
4.   Resolution Committee:  Com. K.V. Jayaraj (Convenor), Com. P.V. Rajendran, Com. Sreekumar.V. (Members).
       Agenda. No.1: Confirmation of the minutes of the 25th National Conference held at Chennai from 16th to 18th August 2016.
          The House  unanimously approved the minutes of the last conference, presented by secretary General.
Agenda No. 2, 3 and 4:
No.2- Presentation, discussion and adoption of
(a)     Report for the years 2016-2019.
(b)     Audited Accounts for the year 2016-2019.
No.3-  7th CPC Related issues and common demands of the Central Government Employees - Review and future course of action.
No.4 -    Review of 2020 January 8th Nationwide General strike.
It was decided to take up all the above three agenda items and also organisational Review together, due to time constraint.
Com: M. Krishnan, Secretary General, presented the Triennial Report for the period from 2016 to 2019. Thereafter discussion on Agenda 2, 3  & 4  and also on organisational review took place. The house adjourned at 7.30 PM on 07-02-2020.
On the  Second day (08-02-2020), the delegate  session reassembled at 10 AM. Total  46 delegates participated in the discussion  (33  from Affiliated organisations and 13 from  Coordinating Committees). Thereafter Secretary General replied to all the points raised during the discussion by the delegates. The house approved and passed the Report for the period 2016-2019.
As the Audited Accounts could not be presented in the conference, it was decided to present the Audited Accounts for the period from 2016-2019, in the National council meeting of the Confederation, to be convened specially for presentation and approval of Audited Accounts for the period 2016-2019.  Proposal in this regard, presented by Secretary General, was approved by the house.
Agenda No. 5- Amendments to the constitution of Confederation of Central Government Employes and workers.
No amendments were received from delegates. The following amendments were moved on behalf of the National Secretariat by the Secretary General.
Sl. No.        Existing Clause                                           Amendment Proposed
1.      Clause-7 Subscription                                          Clause-7- Subscription
Every affiliated Federation/                                            Every affiliated Federation/
Union/Association shall pay                                         union/Association shall pay
an annual subscription at                                              an annual subscription
the rate of Re.1/per member                                          at the rate of Rs2/(Rs Two
of the affiliated Federation/                                            only)  per member of the
Union/Association to the                                                 affiliated Federation/Union
Confederation CHQ within                                            Association to the Confederation
the financial year or                                                        CHQ within the financial year
with such extended period                                            or with such extended period as
as decided by National Executive                                decided by the National Executive

2.         Clause - 8 - Management:                               Clause 8 - Management:
8 (b) The National Council which                                8 (b) -The National Council
shall ordinarily meet once in a year                             shall meet once in a year

3.      Clause -8 - Management                                           Clasue 8- Management
8 (c) National Executive                                                 8 (c)-National Executive which
which shall meet atleast once in                                  shall meet at least once in six
four months                                                                      months.

The house unanimously approved the amendments proposed.
Agenda No. 6- Presentation, discussion and adoption of Resolution on  Policy and Programme.
Policy and programme resolution was presented by Secretary General. ( The full text  of the Resolution is annexed to this circular)
The resolution with the following programmes are unanimously approved by the conference.
1st Phase   :    Demands Day in March 2020.
2nd Phase  :    Intensive Campaign among members during the Month of April      2020 by holding General body meetings Conventions,Gate Meetings etc.
3rd phase  : One day Mass dharna at all important centres and in front of important offices.   
4th phase  :  National Convention of Central Government  Employees in August 2020.
5th Phase   :        Massive Parliament March in the month of  Sept/October 2020.
As other Central Government Employees organisations and All India State Government Employees Federation ( AISGEF) are also organising similar type of agitational programmes, the conference authorised the newly elected National secretariat of confederation, to keep in touch with like- minded organisations and forge unity for organising mutually agreed agitational programmes on Minimum Common Demands, especially on the demand  “Scrap NPS & Restore OPS”,   
Dates of the programmes will be finalised by the newly elected National Secretariat.  It is decided that for Confederation’s own agitational programmes the Charter of demands will be the “10 Point charter of Demand” already submitted to the Government with “Scrap NPS & Restore OPS” as the main and first demand. In addition, the Conference unanimously decided to raise the following demand as item 2(a) of the 10 points charter of demands.
Demand Item2(a) - Grant five year wage revision - Appoint 8th Central Pay Commission for revision of Pay, Allownces and Pensionary benefit s of the Central Government Employees with effect from 01-01-2021.
The Conference resolved that Five year wage revision should be extended to the Central Government Employees also, as in the case of many Public Sector Employees and State Government Employees.
The amended 10 point charter of demands is annexed to the Policy and Programme resolution.
Agenda No.7 - Consideration and adoption of Resolutions:
Resolutions on various demands and issues was presented by Com.K.V.Jayaraj, Convenor, Resolution Committee.  All the Resolutions were passed unanimously (See gist of the resolutions attached to this circular)
Credential Committee Report:
Com. Gurprit Singh, Convenor, Credential Committee, presented the following credential committee report.
1.       Number of affiliated organisations attended the conference     -           36
2.       Number of State level coordinating committees attended    -     13
3.       Number of delegates attended                             -        213
4.       Number of observers (Visitors) attended            -        43
5.       Total number of delegates and visitors               -        256      (excluding Nagpur
                                                                                                      COC delegates and
6.       Number of male delegates attended                   -        238
7.       Number of women delegates attended               -        18
Youngest delegate’s age is 30 and oldest delegate’s age is 80 years.  80 delegates attended the National Conference for the first time.  13 delegates attended more than 5 National Conferences.
Agenda No.8 - Election of Office bearers ie; National Secretariat Members for the period 2020-2023:
26th National Conference unanimously elected the following as the office bearers (National Secretariat Members) of the Confederation of the Central Government Employees & Workers for the period 2020-2023.
1.       President                          :        Com. Ravindran. B. Nair (ITEF)
2.       Working President          :        Com. Tapas Bose (Audit & Accounts)
3.       Vice Presidents               :        1.   Com.K.K.N.Kutty (Ex-President)
                                                      2.     Com.M.Krishnan (Ex-Secretary General)
                                                      3.     Com. T.Narasimhan (NFPE-P3)
                                                      4.     Com.Yaswant Purohit (ITEF)
                                                      5.     Com. Usha Boneppalli (Convenor, Women’s
4.       Secretary General           :        Com.R.N.Parashar (NFPE)
5.       Secretary                           :        Com.Rupak Sarkar (ITEF)
6.       Assistant Secretaries      :        1.   Com.P.V.Rajendran (NFPE R3)
                                                      2.     Com.V.Sreekumar (Audit & Accounts)
                                                      3.     Com.Nilesh D Nasare (IBMEA)
                                                      4.     Com.Arup Chatterjee (BSIEA)
                                                      5.     Nominee of Atomic Energy (NFAEE).
7.       Finance Secretary           :        Com. S.B.Yadav (AIPAEA)
8.       Organising Secretaries  :        1.   Com.M.Vengatesan (ITEF)
                                                      2.     Com.Anilkumar (Audit & Accounts)
                                                      3.     Com.D.B.Mohanthy (NFPE-P4)
                                                      4.     Com.P.U.Khadse (NFPE-R3)
                                                      5.     Com.P.Suresh (NFPE-R4)
                                                      6.     Com.Ajay Wawoo (GSIEA)
                                                      7.     Com.Gurprit Singh (DMIEA)
                                                      8.     Com.Saurav Das (NFPE-Admin)
                                                      9.     Com.P.Panduranga Rao (GDS-NFPE)
                                                      10.   Com.Janardhan Majumdar (COC West Bengal)
                                                      11.   Com.R.B.Suresh (COC, Tamilnadu)
                                                      12.   Com.Rajkumar Roy ((COC Assam)
                                                      13.   Com.Vinod (COC Karnataka)
                                                      14.   Com.Rajagopal (CO Andhra &Telangana)
                                                      15.   Com.Worlikar (BARC, Mumbai)
                                                      16.   Nominee of Civil Accounts          
                                                      17.   Nominee of Civil Accounts
                                                      18.   Nominee of Atomic Energy

Women’s Committee  (Special Invitees of National Secretariat)

1.       Chairperson                     :        Com.Manisha Majumdar
                                     (COC-West Benal & National Federation of Printing, Stationery and Publications Employees)
2.       Vice Chairpersons          :        1.   Com.Jayasree Raj (Audit & Accounts)
                                                             2.     Com.P.Rema (NFPE)
3.       Convener                          :        Com. Usha Boneppalli (ITEF)
4.       Joint Convenors              :        1.   Com.Jasmine Jalal Begum (SBCOEA-NFPE)
                                                      2.     Com.Lalitha Narayana Swamy (COC Mumbai &
                                                              Audit and Accouts)
                                                      3.     Com.Susmitha Sarkar (COC West Bental &
                                    Indian Institute of Engineering Service andTechnoloy IIEST-                                              Autonomosu Body).
5.       Auditor                               :        Com.R.P.Singh (Agmark).
The house authorised newly elected National Secretariat to fill up the four vacant posts as and when intimation regarding the nominees of the concerned organisations are received.
Agenda No.9 - Appointment of Auditor:
The Conference nominated Com.R.P.Singh (Agmark) of COC Mumbai (Maharahstra) as the Auditor of the Confederation for the period 2020-2023.  He is also authorised to audit the Accounts for the period 2016-2019.
Women Committee Members:
The National Conference decided that each affiliated organisation and COC should intimate the names of women comrades who are to be included as Members of the Women’s Committee. Bigger organisations may nominate maximum six women comrades and smaller organisations may nominate one or two women comrades as Members of the Confederation Women’s Committee for the period from 2020-2023.  Names of the Women Comrades may be sent to Com.R.N.Parashar, Secretary General, Confederation, 1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001, before 15-03-2020.  Mob & WhatsApp: 09718686800, Email ID -
After finalising the list of Women’s Committee members, the National Secretariat shall convene a National Women’s Convention of Confederation, as early as possible.
Com.S.K.Vyasji Remembrance Day:
26th National Conference paid rich tributes to Com.S.K.Vyasji, legendary leader of Central Govt. Employees and Pensioners. Com.Vyasji expired on 13th February 2015.  The National  Conference further decided that from next year (2021) onwards, Com.S.K.Vyasji Remembrance Day shall be observed by organising certain programmes, to be decided by the newly elected National Secretariat.
Scrap PFRDA Act - 22nd December to be observed as “Black Day”:
Government of India introduced the New Contributory Pension System(NPS) through a Gazette notification dated 22nd December 2003 to all New entrants recruited on or after 01-01-2004.  Thereafter Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Act (PFRDA) came into effect from 18th September 2013, legalising the NPS.  The 26th National Conference unanimously decided to observe “22nd December” as Black Day wearing badges with Demand “Scrap NPS, Restore OPS” and organising protest demonstrations in front of offices and seminars etc.
Honouring of the Reception Committee office bearers and volunteers:
The house honoured the office bearers and volunteers of the Reception Committee who worked hard with full commitment and dedication for the last more than six months, especially during the days of the Conference, which made the 26th National Conference a grand success.
All arrangements including transport, food, accommodation were made flawless and overall it was excellent.  The conference congratulated all members of the Reception Committee headed by Com.R.K.Shrivastava (Chairman) and Com.Nilesh D. Nasare (General Secretary) and placed on record its thanks and appreciation for the commendable work done by them for making the conference a memorable event.
The conference concluded at 5 PM on 8th Febuary 2020 with vote of thanks by Com. R.N.Parashar, newly elected Secretary General.
R. N. Parashar,
Secretary General,
(Adopted in the 26th National Conference held at Nagpur on
7th & 8th February 2020)

1      This 26th  National Conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, held at  Nagpur on 7th & 8th February 2020, after detailed deliberations has come to the unanimous conclusion that the attitude of the NDA Government in  power at Centre is completely negative towards the genuine and legitimate demands of the Central Government employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks and casual/contract workers. None of the 7th CPC related modifications sought by the JCM National Council, staffside, is settled. The assurance given to the leaders of  the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) regarding increase in Minimum pay and fitment formula is not honoured and the employees and pensioners are betrayed.
2.     The New contributory Pension Scheme (NPs) has in effect become "No pension Scheme".  Inspite of Several memorandums and petitions submitted and also agitational programmes including strikes, the Central Government is not ready to scrap NPS and  restore OPS and also to guarantee 50%  of the last pay drawn as Minimum pension.
3.     About seven lakhs posts are lying vacant in various Central Government departments. Though the Government repeatedly states that there is no ban on recruitments and filling up of direct recruitment quota vacancies, no time bound action is taken to fill up the vacant posts.
4.     HRA arrears, MACP  Bench mark, MACP hierarchical promotional pay scale, and date of effect from 01-01-2006, option- I for pensioners -- Government is not ready to reconsider its negative stand. Three  lakhs  Gramin Dak Sevaks of the Postal  department are yet to be treated as Civil Servants.  Exploitation of casual and contract workers continue and equal pay for equal work is denied to them.
5.     Large scale outsourcing, downsizing, closure of establishments, Corporatisation, and privatisation has become the order of the day.  Privatisation of Railways and mass scale outsourcing of the work done by the Defence Civilian employees are in full swing.  Proposal to corporatize defence ordnance factories is not yet dropped.  12 out of 17 Govt. of India Printing Presses are ordered to be closed.  Same is the fate with other departmental printing presses including Railway Printing presses.
6.     Autonomous body employees and Pensioners are denied their rightful pay and pension revision in certain departments, due to stringent conditions imposed by the Finance Ministry.  Compassionate appointments have become a mirage due to the 5% ceiling imposed.
7.     Trade Union facilities are denied.  Orders banning demonstrations and dharnas are issued.  The draconian FR 56 (j) and Pension Rules 48 are misused as a short cut to punish and victimise employees who are not in the good book of higher-ups. JCM forums have become mere talking shops without any positive outcome.  Recognition under CCS(RSA) Rules 1993 are delayed and Departmental council meetings have become defunct in many departments.  Government sponsored unions are given undue patronage.  Recognition of fighting organisations are withdrawn on flimsy grounds and Trade Union facilities are denied to the Chief Executives of Recognised Associations.  To throttle the democratic functioning of the Unions, the Government of India has now proposed to restrict the tenure of office of the elected representatives of Unions/Associations/Federations of Government employees. 
8.     This Conference has taken serious note of the continuing onslaughts on the independence and democratic functioning of the constitutional institutions in the Country, the steps taken to create a fear psychosis amongst the people, especially amongst minorities, the conscious disruption of the secular social fabric of the society assiduously built over the years, the receding confidence in the independence of judiciary in the country and above all the concerted endeavour to fan the communal feelings to cover up the failure on economic front and the growing unemployment, inflation, rise in prices of essential commodities etc.
9.     This National Conference is of the considered opinion that the wage revision of Central Govt. employees should be once in five years, as in the case of many public sector undertakings and certain State Governments.  The last wage revision of Central Govt. employees had taken place with effect from 01-01-2016.  Five years will be over by 31-12-2020.  Also taking into consideration the fact that the 7th CPC Wage Revision was the worst wage revision, it is high time that the Government initiate the process for appointing next Central Pay Commission i.e., 8th CPC, so that the Pay, Allowances and Pensionary benefits of Central Govt. Employees will be revised with effect from 01-01-2021.
10.   Taking into consideration all the above demands and issues which are agitating the minds of 32 lakhs Central Govt. Employees and 33 lakhs Central Govt. Civilian pensioners, this 26th National Conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, resolve to organise following agitational programmes for realisation of the long pending 10 points charter of demands submitted to Government by Confederation. (copy of the charter of demands enclosed).
Programme of Action:
1. Demands Day in March 2020.
2. Intensive Campaign among employees in the month of April, 2020.
3. One day mass dharna in the month of May 2020.
4. National Convention of Central Govt. Employees in the month of August, 2020.
5. Massive Parliament March in the month of September/October, 2020.
11.   As other Central Government Employees organisations and All India State Government Employees Federation are also organising similar programmes, this National Conference authorises the National Secretariat of the Confederation to keep in touch with like-minded organisations and explore the possibility of organising united action programmes on Minimum agreed demands, with “Scrap NPS and Restore OPS” as the main demand.

Annexure - II

1. Scrap New Contributory Pension Scheme (NPS). Restore old defined benefit Pension scheme  (OPS) to all employees . Guarantee 50% of the last pay drawn as Minimum Pension.
2 (a) Implement five year wage revision to Central Government Employees. Appoint 8th Central Pay Commission and revise the Pay, Allowances and Pensionery benefits of Central Government employees with effect from 01-01-2021.
  (b) Honour assurance given by Group of Ministers (GoM) to NJ CA  leaders on 30-06-2016. Increase Minimum pay and Fitment Formula. Grant HRA arrears from 01-01-2016. Withdraw " very good'' bench mark for  MACP, grant promotional  hierarchy and date of effect from  01-01-2006. Grant option -I Party recommended by 7th CPC to all Central Government Pensioners. Settle all anomalies arising out of 7th CPC implementation.  Grant one notional increment to those retired on 30th June.
3. Stop corporatisation and privatisation of Railways, Defence and Postal departments. Withdraw closure orders of Government of India printing presses. Stop proposed move to close down salt department. Stop closure of Government establishments and outsourcing.
4. Fill up all seven lakhs vacant posts in the Central Government Departments in a time bound manner. Reintroduce Regional recruitment for Group B & C Posts.
5. (a) Regularisation of Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant of Civil Servant status. Implement remaining positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee report.
(b) Regularise all casual and contract workers including those joined service on or after 01-09-1993.
6. Ensure equal pay for equal work for all. Remove disparity in pay scales between Central Secretariat staff and similarly placed staff working in field units of various departments.  
7. Implement 7th CPC wage revision and pension revision of remaining Autonomous body employees and pensioners. Ensure payment of arrears without further delay. Grant Bonus to Autonomous body employees pending from 2016-17onwards
8. Remove arbitrary 5% ceiling imposed on compassionate appointments. Grant appointment in all eligible cases.
9. Grant five time-bound promotions to all Group B & C employees. Complete cadre Review in all departments within   a time - frame.
10 (a) Withdraw the anti-worker Wage/ Labour  codes and other anti-Labour reforms. Stop attack on trade union rights. Ensure prompt functioning of various negotiating forums  under JCM scheme at all levels.
(b) Scrap draconian FR 56 (j) and Rule  48 of CCS (pension) Rules 1972.

Annexure - III
GIST of the Resolutions Adopted by the 26th National
Conference of Confederation Held at Nagpur
on 7th and 8th  February 2020.
1. Scrap NPS, Restore OPS.
2. Five year  wage Revision with effect from 01-01-2021
3. Filling up of all vacant posts
4. Regularisation of casual/contract workers and payment of equal wage for equal work..
5. Civil servant status for GDS and implement all positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee report.
6. Equal pay for equal work.
7. Stop outsourcing, contractorisation and privatisation.
8. MACP post based hierarchical promotion.  Date of effect 01-01-2006 and withdraw  "very good'' bench mark condition.
9.Settle all anomalies arising out of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations.
10. Modify the Recruitment Rules of Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS).
11. Ex-Servicemen pay fixation case.
12. One notional increment to those retired on 30th June.
13. Removal of 5% ceiling for  compassionate appointments.
14. Cashless and hassle-free medical treatment facility.
15. Revival and prompt functioning of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) at all levels.
16. Review of the newly declared Income Tax slabs.
17. Stop prise rice of   essential commodities including diesel, petrol and cooking gas. 
18. Right to strike
19. Abolition of APAR system.
20. Five promotions to all Group B and  group C employees,
21. Revision of overtime allowance rates.
22. Regional Recruitment for Group C Posts.
23. Withdraw Citizenship Amendment Act 2019.
24. Withdraw all anti-labour amendments to Labour laws.   
25.  Parity with Central secretariat staff.
26. Increase  the number of CGHS empanelled hospitals.  At least one empanelled CGHS hospitals should be there in every District.
27. Promotion earned through departmental promotional examinations should not be counted for MACP.
28. Withdraw DOP & T orders, restricting the tenure of holding elective office to maximum four years.
29. Strict action  against those committing atrocities against women and children.
30. Stop communalism and  ensure secularism as enshrined in the Constitution of India.
31. Bonus ceiling should be enhanced to  18,000/- with effect from 01-01-2016.
32. Providing at least one interpreter in all departments to remove the communication barrier of Deaf and Dumb employees.
33. Abolish and upgrade all LDC Posts to UDC.
34. Allow closed holidays to the operative staff of Postal department on all Saturdays, just like their counterparts working in Postal administrative offices.
35. Declare “May day” as closed holiday for  Central Government employees.
36. Constitute Prevention of Sexual harassment committees in all units.
37. CCL for two years must be with full pay.
38. Stop decentralisation of Postal Accounts.       

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