Friday 2 November 2018

Dharana program launched today in front of Cuttack RMS in Cuttack Rly stn on behalf of the CCGE&W Odisha state committee and AIPRPA as well, against the anti people orders of RMS N Dn administration and Odisha Postal Circle administration in the name of PNOP and debarred people of Cuttack District, Jagatsingpur District and of Cuttack City to get their parcel mails worked through Cuttack RMS instead of BBSR RMS Parcel Hub to avoid delay, detention, back routing and Double /triple handling of Parcel mails, demanding Cuttack RMS as Level - 1 office under PNOP like M N O P including Jharsuguda and BerhamPur RMS as Level - 1 and to declare all RMS offices in Odisha circle under L-2P H like MNOP to avoid delay disposal and delivery of Parcel mails and to keep the status quo of Cuttack RMS and all RMS offices for tangible benefit of public. In today's program Com Banshidhar Mohanty and Com M M Samal presided over. Many organizations affiliated with Cuttack City Co ordination committee of unions and Associations and OSKEM including the Central Trade Unions like CITU, AITUC, INTUC, Samata Party, independent party i e.ruling party BJD leaders attended and addressed. Dr Satya Ray, former senior reporter Samaj also attended and addressed. More than one hundred Comrades participated in Dharana. It was unanimously decided all participants will serve letters to CPMG and to the dept of Posts to settle the burning issues confronting to public and public mails and to avoid accumulation of thousand numbers of Parcel bags from BBSR and immediately restore the normalcy of Cuttack RMS for its sanctity and dignity. It was also decided if the sinister move of the administration will continue to dismantle of the sets of Cuttack RMS and for liquidation and to merge the sets in to one set, then the General public of Cuttack District, Jagatsingpur District and of Cuttack City would be involved with all the MLAs of the concerned constitutions and the Hon'ble M Ps for high lighting the Mohammed bin Togoloki orders of the dept of Posts and will launch a day long Dharana program again in front of Cuttack RMS inviting Dist Collectors of Cuttack and Jagatsingpur Districts and the Deptt will be held responsible for the same. Namaskar to all the participants in today's Dharana and solicit the same co operation in future programs.--.                                                R N Dhal, General Secretary of CCGE&W CoC and AIPRPA, Odisha state committee.

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