Sunday 9 September 2018


 8th September 2018
Press Statement

Support Countrywide Protest Hartal on 10th September 2018

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) supports the  Countrywide Protest Hartal called by the Left parties on 10th September 2018 against the unprecedented economic burdens being imposed by the BJP led Modi government on the people of our country. The workers and all other sections of toiling people are the worst affected by these measures.

The Modi government has failed to take effective measures to control prices. The spiralling prices of petrol and diesel are having cascading effect on all commodities. On the other hand, workers’ wages have remained stagnant. Employment opportunities are on the decline. The government refuses to implement its promise of remunerative prices and loan waiver to the peasants. But it has waived off loans worth around Rs 4 lakh crore to the big corporates

Instead of addressing the burning issues of the people, the BJP government led by Modi seeks to divert people’s attention and spread hatred and animosities among the people. It is trying to suppress anger and discontent against its policies by using authoritarian measures.

The massive participation of workers, peasants and agricultural workers in the ‘Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh Rally’ on 5th September 2018 in the national capital is an expression of the anger of the toiling people against the anti worker and anti people policies of the Modi led BJP government. The Rally decided to continue and intensify the struggle against these policies further.

CITU calls upon the working class across the country to fully support the call for All India Protest Hartal of the Left parties on 10th September 2018 and make it a total success.

Issued by:

Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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