Thursday 7 December 2017


National Federation of Postal Employees

1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001

No.PF-68-02/2017                                                                Dated: 7th December, 2017


            Shri A. N. Nanda


            Department of Post

            Dak Bhawan,

            New Delhi -110001

Sub:-  Discrimination in grant of Dress Allowance to the Postmen Staff.


            Your kind attention is invited towards Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M  No.19051/1/2017-E-IV,       circulated   under Department of Post Estt Dn No. FNO.5-1/2017- PAP dated 10-Aug-2017 regarding grant of dress Allowance.
            In the above mentioned O.M the category of Postmen has not been mentioned anywhere But at most of the places, Rs 5000/- five thousand only is being paid to the Postmen treating it in the category no.5 of the said O.M at par with MTS.
            It is worth mentioning here that the Postmen has been treated at par with constable of Centre Police Forces after the recommendation of Vth CPC vide it’s report  vide Para No. 62.15 as mentioned below and the pay scale was also revised and upgraded accordingly          

Extract of Para no. 62.15 of  5th  PAY COMMISSION REPORT

            “The Demand of Postmen for upgradation in their pay-scales, and parity with Linemen of the Department of Telecom at the BCR level has been met by our recommendations on replacement and ACP scales in the relevant chapter. Postmen at entry will, accordingly be placed in the scale of Rs.825-1200 at entry at par with Constables of the Central Police Organizations with ACPs to the levels of Rs.950 – 1500 and 1200-1800, respectively. The pay-scale of Mail Peons granted replacement scales of Rs. 750 – 940 to the former and Rs.825-1200 to the latter. The decision to upgrade Postmen was conscious one.  Moreover, Mail Peons do not require to handle cash as do the Postmen Elsewhere in this report”.
            Now as per the recommendation of 7thCPC the constable of Central Police  Forces has been kept in category - 4  has been granted Rs 10000/- Ten thousand only as dress allowance.

            It is therefore requested that the Postmen should also be granted Dress Allowance as Rs 10000/- at par with Constable of Central Police Forces according to the recommendations of 5th CPC.

            An early action is highly solicited.

            With regards.                                                          
Yours Comradely
                                                  (R N Parashar)

Secretary General

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