Saturday 14 May 2016

7th Pay Commission implementation to boost quality of life of employees

Quality of life of central government employees is more important than a regular income from a salary, a Union minister has suggested on condition of anonymity.

The minister, indicated 7th Pay Commission implementation should be able them to withdraw higher pay to make them happy.

In last last November, the Pay Commission headed by Justice A K Mathur submitted its report to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, recommending 23.55 per cent hike in salaries and allowances of Central government employees and pensioners.

The panel also recommended a 14.27 per cent increase in basic pay, the lowest in 70 years. The previous 6th Pay Commission had recommended a 20 per cent hike, which the government doubled while implementing it in 2008.

The Seventh pay commission recommended fixing the highest basic salary at Rs 250,000 and the lowest at Rs 18,000and its increased the pay gap between the minimum and maximum from existing 1:12 to 1: 13.8. While a secretary-level Empowered Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha was formed in January to review its proposals.

The Finance Ministry sources came up with the remark that central government employees are likely to get 30 per cent pay hike while talking to us about hiking of pay scales of all central government employees and officials by the Empowered Committee of Secretaries than the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

The major changes on 7th Pay Commission recommendations of pay scales are possible, they added.

From July it will be much easier for employees to maintain the quality of life for their families to withdraw higher pay from from government exchequer, the minister said.

But critics fear that common people to face financially struggle for inflation if the 7th Pay Commission takes effect from July this year.

The minister also said that in future salaries will be able to allow them to enjoy their quality of lives with their families..

He added, “The significance here is that in the past we’ve thought about salary is needed for maintaining their families but actually what they need in their service is quality of life and that might be maintained after getting higher salary.”

He also said that the 7th Pay Commission implementation will allow low paid employees to pay off debts that have been “getting them down”.

The minister explained “One of the great things about 7th Pay Commission implementation is low paid employees will pay off debts that have been hanging over them, that have been getting them down, that they wouldn’t have been able to pay off. They’ll be able to do that and they’ll feel great about it.”

The minister also insisted that Empowered Committee of Secretaries, who are processing the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission, are likely to recommend highest salary for central government RS 2,70,000 and the lowest at Rs 21,000

“I am happy that 7th Pay Commission award is likely to accept over our government in June. 30 percent salary hike with 63 percent hike in accommodation and transport and 24 percent in pension is better than Sixth Pay Commission award” the minister added.

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