Thursday 31 December 2015

NJCA is on the right path!!





When the whole nation at the call of the NJCA has started to mobilize the entirety of CG Employees behind the demands of modifications to be made in the 7th CPC recommendations, the Honourable Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has stated that he is prepared to discuss with the Trade Unions for improving the recommendations of 7th CPC!

This utterance from the Finance Minister is welcome as that is what the CG Movement too has demanded. The NJCA has demanded discussion with the Government and for that purpose the Government shall come forward to constitute a ‘GoM’ (Group of Ministers) as was done in some other occasions including 5th CPC time. The GoM can take necessary decisions to modify the recommendations. The Finance Minister who has spoken in favour of discussion with the trade unions shall go ahead and ensure that Modi Government constitutes  a Group of Ministers arrangement to discuss the issues in a meaningful way. If the Government comes forward with this formation then we can understand that the Union Finance Minister means what he has stated in the meeting of Bharat Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) as reported by the Media.

At the same time we cannot close our eyes to some realities of what the Honourable Minister of Finance had stated in his speech in the BMS meeting. He has repeated that more one lakh crore of rupee will be the expenditure for implementing the 7th CPC, which is highly questionable and misleading.  He while say that on the face of universal economic crisis, India could maintain its GDP growth around 7.5%, require additional 1-1.5% GDP growth to meet out the expenditure out of 7thCPC. This calculation is unacceptable as it is overestimated. The 7th CPC seems to have been misled by its economic experts in the Pay Commission as his figures and the figures of the Finance Minister as made out in the Parliament vary largely. The Government placing its own constraints before any dialogue is understandable but it should come forward with open mind for the negotiating table.

FM Arun Jaitley has also stated in that meeting the ideology of left has become unacceptable! Is it so? Actually it is the opposite that is being proved. It was the left that  predicted clearly that liberalization is not a remedy to the ills of economy. It was the left that started to mobilize the people against the neo-liberal policies since 1990s. After practically seeing the devastation caused by the neo-liberal polices in India, all trade unions including the INTUC and BMS have come forward to join the left trade unions in opposing neo-liberalism. The Government in general and the Finance Minister in particular desires to divide the working class and that manifests in his speech in the BMS conference!

The call of the NJCA is the factor that brought out the averment of the Finance Minister about the readiness to negotiate. More stronger implementation of programme of action by the NJCA will surely force the Government to constitute a GOM for negotiating with the employees!

General Secretary

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