Monday 1 December 2014

Pre-implementation activities towards preparedness of Branch Post Office for Rural ICT implementation:-

I.        The BO should have table to place the Handheld Device and for charging the device.

II.        The electrical power connection is required to charge the Solar UPS wherever power is available. In the locations where electrical power is not available, the UPS will be charged from Solar Panel.

III.        The locations where electrical power connection is there, it should have proper earthing and with one or two plug points along with on/off switch.

IV.        The above site preparation is to be done before the roll out starts for the particular Division.

V.        The data on BO such as the name of the BPMcontact detailsaddress of the BO with land marks etc. may be updated and kept ready.

VI.        The availability of the network connectivity (Vodafone/ BSNL / Airtel etc.)at the BO location may also accessed and the best signal available in the BO may be identified and kept in order to facilitate the Vendor with details to drive best out of the project. If the network signal is not available, we have to identify as Off-line BO.

VII.        Similarly identification of the BOs where the solar UPS is not required due to installation problems of the solar panel or good power availability for more than 6 hours daily, has to be also done.  

To view the format for collection of desired information in respect of Branch Post Offices please Format for getting information from Branch Post Offices

Name of Branch Post Office:
Name of Sub Post Office:
Name of Head Post Office:
Name of Division:
Name of Region:
Name of the Circle:
S. No.
Information Required
Name of the BPM

Educational qualification of the BPM

English Knowledge of BPM:
i.                 Read and Write
ii.                Read
iii.              Cannot read and write

Contact Details(Mobile no., email ID)

Address of the B.O. with landmark

Timing of B.O.

Staff Strength

Where is B.O. situated:
i.                 In BPM ‘s house
ii.                In Panchayat office
iii.              Any other place, pl specify

Accessibility of B.O. :
i.                 Distance from Panchayat Office
ii.                Distance from Market
iii.              Distance from Railway Station
iv.              Distance from Bus Stand/BusStop

Whether a vacant Departmental plot is available in the village in which B.O. is located:
i.                 Yes
ii.                No

Whether Panchayat  office is located in the village:
i.                 Yes
ii.                No

Whether B.O. is housed in a Pucca (cemented structure) premises:
i.                 Yes
ii.                No

Whether separate space is available in the premises for Post Office work:
i.                 Yes
ii.                No

Whether electric power connection is available in the B.O.:
i.                 Yes
ii.                No

Availability of Electricity in the village:

i.                 Upto 6 hrs.
ii.                More than 6 hrs.
iii.              Village not electrified

Which telephone network is available in village:
i.                 BSNL
ii.                Vodafone
iii.              Airtel
iv.              Aircel
v.               Idea
vi.              Reliance
vii.            Any other, pl specify
viii.           None

Total No. of Savings accounts:             (Including MGNREGA, Pension etc.)

Total No. of RD Accounts

Total No. of RPLI & PLI Policies  :

Total  Transactions per day :
(Avg.of the all transactions of peak month )

Registered Articles/Speed Post :           
( Delivery and Booking avg. per month)

Money Orders
(All MOs booking and delivery avg. per month)

Avg. Cash transaction per day 

Whether cash chest is available in B.O. :
i.                 Yes
ii.                No

The complete information in respect of all BOs is to be uploaded to the specific webpage domain name (to be circulated shortly) on the India Post website by 30-12-2014.

Source : Department of Posts (RB Division) Letter No.01-07/2014-RB dated 27-11-2014. 

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